JimStim Wheel Simulator Setup

Wheel Mode Selection

The jumpers to select which wheel will be simulated by the JimStim is shown below.

Mode Select Position

The jumpers to use to select the wheel mode are shown here:

Mode Select

Rx JumperJumpersWheel Mode
:: : : :Distributor/EDIS
:I : : :36-1
:: I : :60-2
:I I : :4-1
:: : I :24/2 (Nippondenso)
:I : I :36-1+1
:: I I :36-2-2-2
:I I I :6-1
:: : : INeon/420A
:I : : ILS1 (crude)
:: I : I12-1
:I I : ISubaru 6/7
:: : I ITrigger return
:I : I IOddfire VR
:: I I IMitsubishi 6G72
:I I I IEnable serial port
I: : : :CAS 4/1
II : : :4G63
I: I : :Renix 44-2-2
II I : :Twin trigger even
I: : I :Twin trigger odd
II : I :Suzuki Swift
I: I I :Suzuki Vitara 2.0
II I I :Daihatsu 3 cyl
I: : : IDaihatsu 4 cyl
II I I IDo not select this

Output Inversion

The jumpers for selecting if the primary tach and secondary tach output will be inversed are here:

Output Inversion

The jumper on the right is for the primary tach and the one on the left is for the secondary tach output.

Primary Tach jumper installed = primary tach output inverted
jumper off = primary tach output normal

Secondary Tach jumper installed = secondary tach output inverted
jumper off = secondary tach output normal

Tach Outputs

The primary tach output has to be connected to the MS with a jumper wire as shown below. If the secondary tach output is used, it has also to be connected with a jumper wire from the 2nd trigger pin header to the appropriate pin on the header in the middle of the board (depends on how the 2nd trigger has been wired the MS board).

Tach Outputs Connection

The tach signal will need a pull up if the tach circuit used does not provide one (such as the V3.0 standard tach circuits). To do this, the header shown in the picture below is used. For a 12V pull up of the primary tach signal, a jumper is put between the top middle pin and the top rightmost pin. For a 5V pull up of the primary tach signal, a jumper is put between the top leftmost pin and the top middle pin. For the secondary tach signal, the lower row of pins is used.

Pull Up Jumpers