Dual VR Conditioner Board for Megasquirt

The dual VR board V1.1 is no longer available. It has been replaced by the V2.1 board.


Dual VR v1.0 Board

This is a small board (with the same footprint as the p&h board) that fits into the last slot of either half of the standard MegaSquirt enlosure. It has 2 VR conditioner circuits using LM1815s and 4 ADC conditioner circuits.

The VR conditioner circuits are based on the circuits given in the MS1/extra manual: see here.

The thread discussing the board can be found here.

You can find the BOM here.

More information to come.

Dual VR Conditioner Board V1.1

The V1.0 (shown above) is no longer available. (Contact me if you have a need for it)

Since most people just needed the VR conditioners from the board, the V1.1 has been made with only those. This allowed the board to be reduced in size (4"x0.8") and has the side benefit of being cheaper. In addition, the board has been laid out so that the 2 conditioner circuits can be completely independent. This make it possible to cut the board in 2 for those who need only one VR conditioner or those who want a different installation method. Of course, with the board cut, it no longer fits in the standard case slot so the mounting holes have to be used. With the board as is, only one 5V and one ground connection need to be used as they are connected together by board traces.

Dual VR v1.1 Board

You can find the BOM for the V1.1 board here.


The boards are available at US$15 per board plus shipping. Shipping for up to 4 boards is US$4 in North America and US$6 in Europe. This is for regular mail from Canada which means there is no insurance and no guarantee on the delivery time.
Please note that regular mail service to the US has been quite irregular. The delivery time has been from less than 2 weeks to more than 4 weeks. If this is not acceptable, you can request Xpresspost service which will speed up delivery but will cost an additional US$12. Contact me for details and price.

New: Full kits are now available. You can order the board with the BOM components to completely populate the board (two VR conditioners) for an additional $15 or to populate only half the board (one VR conditioner) for an additional $8. You can still order the bare board and get the components on your own. Select your option below and make sure to select the correct shipping option. Since there is no insurance with the regular mail shipping, I will not be responsible in case of a lost shipment. If this is not acceptable to you, contact me for alternative shipping methods.

This board is no longer available. It has been replaced by the V2.1 board.

You can contact me through PM at the msextra forum where my user name is racingmini_mtl
or by email.