Signal Interceptor Board (breakout board) for Megasquirt


bare v1.0 board

The current BOM for the V1.0 board is here. For the V1.1 board, the current BOM is here.


  1. The first step is to solder in all the resistors.

    Assembly 1st Step

  2. Then install the LEDs. Make sure that the flat side (short lead) of the LED corresponds to the silk screen, i.e., the flat side is towards the top of the picture below.

    Assembly 2nd Step

  3. Separate the single-row breakout header to have three 3-pin segments, two 2-pin segments, and one 4-pin segment and solder those to the board.

    Assembly 3rd Step

  4. Separate the 2-row breakout header in two halves to have a 36-pin (2x18) header and solder this to the board.

    Assembly 4th Step

  5. Solder the female DB37 connector to the board (top of the picture below). This is the connector that will connect to the Megasquirt. Solder the male DB37 connector to the board (bottom of the picture below). This is the connector that will connect to the stimulator or the wiring harness.

    Assembly 5th Step

  6. Solder the screw terminal posts. Start with the 2 in the middle of the board. Assemble the outside posts together before soldering. They slide together to form a single 12-position assembly. Make sure that they are all at the same height before soldering.

    Assembly 6th Step

You now have a fully assembled Signal Interceptor Board ready to be used.


The boards are available at US$20 per board plus shipping. Shipping for up to 2 boards is US$4.50 in North America and US$7.50 in Europe. This is for bare boards using regular mail from Canada which means there is no insurance and no guarantee on the delivery time.
Please note that regular mail service to the US has been quite irregular. The delivery time has been from less than 2 weeks to more than 4 weeks. If this is not acceptable, you can request Xpresspost service which will speed up delivery but will cost an additional US$12. Contact me for details and price.

Currently out of stock

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