JimStim v1.1 Assembly Instructions


  1. Install and solder R1 to R10 (330Ω).

    Assembly 1st Step

  2. Install and solder R11, R12, R20, R21, R22, R24, R25 (1KΩ), R26 (4.7KΩ), R27 (39KΩ). Please note that R26 is positioned differently on the V1.1 board than on the V1.0 board pictured below.

    Assembly 2nd Step

  3. Install and solder D1 (1N4004 diode). Make sure that the banded side is towards the DB37.

    Assembly 3rd Step

  4. Install and solder C1 (10µF) and C2 (0.22µF). As opposed as what is shown in the picture below, C1 is blue and not yellow if you have purchase the one from the BOM.

    Assembly 4th Step

  5. Install and solder Q1 and Q2. To install them you will have to bend the middle lead 90 degrees back and the another 90 degrees down as shown here:

    Bend lead

    Each straight section is about 1/8 inch.

    Assembly 5th Step

  6. Install and solder the processor socket.

    Assembly 6th Step

  7. Install and solder the 11 red LEDs and the 2 bicolor LEDs. All short leads must be on the left when looking at the picture below (DB37 side).

    Assembly 7th Step

  8. Install the audio jack besides the processor socket. Install and solder the power jack (X5). Install and solder U2 (voltage regulator). The metal tab is facing outside the board.

    Assembly 8th Step

  9. Break away the single row pin header to have: 1 19-pin section, 1 10-pin section, 3 3-pin sections, 1 2-pin section, and 4 individual pins. Break away the dual row pin header to have: 1 6x2 section, 2 3x2 section, and 1 2x2 section. Install and solder all the pin header sections. Please note that the 3x2 BDM header is positioned differently on the V1.1 board than on the V1.0 pictured below.

    Assembly 9th Step

  10. Install and solder the DB37 connector.

    Assembly 10th Step

  11. Install and solder the 2-position terminal block (X4). Install and solder the toggle switch (S1).

    Assembly 11th Step

  12. Install and solder the 7 potentiometers.

    Assembly 12th Step

  13. Install and solder the 2 10-position terminal blocks (X2 and X3).

    Assembly 13th Step

Making the JimStim ready for use

The final step is to install the processor in the socket.

This completes the assembly of the JimStim. To use the stim, power must be applied to either the power jack or the 2-position terminal block. To send a tach signal to the Megasquirt board, a wire jumper must be installed between the 1-pin primary tach header and the tach pin on the 19-pin header. The terminal block can be used instead of the 19-pin header. Alternatively, a wire can be soldered between those 2 points but this makes it a permanent connection.

Assembled v1.0 Board